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arango - February 19, 2007 @ 21:43
Alternate Application CPP definition- Comments (0)

The CPP option defining a particular application can now be specified in either header file cppdefs.h or the makefile. If defined in the makefile, all the applications definition in cppdefs.h must be commented out with an ! (exclamation mark) in column 1. For example, to activate the upwelling application (UPWELLING) in the makefile, set:


Otherwise, leave the ROMS_APPLICATION macro blank


and uncomment the appropriate application in cppdefs.h.

!#define A4DVAR_TOY      /* for 4DVAR Data Assimilation Toy */
!#define BASIN           /* for Big Bad Basin Example */
!#define BENCHMARK1      /* for Small Benchmark Test */
!#define BENCHMARK2      /* for Medium Benchmark Test */
!#define BENCHMARK3      /* for Big Benchmark Test */
!#define BIO_TOY         /* for One-dimension (vertical) Biology Toy */
!#define BL_TEST         /* for Boundary Layers Test */
!#define CANYON_A        /* for Canyon_A Example */
!#define CANYON_B        /* for Canyon_B Example */
!#define CHANNEL_NECK    /* Channel with a Constriction */
!#define COUPLING_TEST   /* for two-way atmosphere-ocean coupling test */
!#define DOUBLE_GYRE     /* for idealized double-gyre Example */
!#define ESTUARY_TEST    /* test estuary for sediment*/
!#define FLT_TEST        /* for Float Tracking Example */
!#define GRAV_ADJ        /* for Graviational Adjustment Example */
!#define INNER_PRODUCT   /* Tangent/Adjoint State Matrix Inner Product Test */
!#define KELVIN          /* for Kelvin wave test */
!#define LAB_CANYON      /* for Lab Canyon, Polar Coordinates Example */
!#define LAKE_SIGNELL    /* for Lake Signell Sediment Test Case */
!#define LMD_TEST        /* Test for LMD and KPP */
!#define OVERFLOW        /* for Graviational/Overflow Example */
!#define RIVERPLUME1     /* for River plume Example 1 */
!#define RIVERPLUME2     /* for River plume Example 2 (Hyatt and Signell) */
!#define OPT_PERT2D      /* Optimal Perturbation 2D Test */
!#define OPT_PERT3D      /* Optimal Perturbation 3D Test */
!#define SEAMOUNT        /* for Seamount Example */
!#define SED_TEST1       /* for Suspended Sediment Test in a Channel */
!#define SED_TOY         /* for One-dimension (vertical) Sediment Toy */
!#define SOLITON         /* for Equatorial Rossby Wave Example */
#define UPWELLING        /* for Upwelling Example */
!#define USWEST          /* for US West Coast Application */
!#define WEDDELL         /* for Idealized Weddell Sea Shelf Application */
!#define WINDBASIN       /* linear wind-driven constant Coriolis basin */

Some users may prefer to specify the application in the makefile and never to change header file cppdefs.h. Recall that now there is a specific header file for each application (see this post).

For the current updated file list .

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