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kate - July 19, 2010 @ 20:01
More source code control- Comments (3)

I’ve been using git and I’m quite happy with it. Meanwhile, there’s a competing project with many, many of the same attributes of git, called Mercurial. They pride themselves on a cleaner user interface, so you might like it better.

We’ve now got a longer commute and my husband found some podcasts to listen to at (This Week in Tech). We like the TWIT shows, but they tend to focus on things like smart phones and iPads. But they’ve got quite a selection of other shows, including FLOSS, which is about free software. There was a FLOSS show about Mercurial, explaining that it and git were started on the same day to solve the same problem. Mercurial not only has a way to access svn archives, but one to access git archives. Mercurial is written in Python and is being used by the Python community (which explains why Rob Hetland thought Mercurial was getting more traction than git). The result is that both are probably here for the long haul.