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Mark Hadfield - October 24, 2006 @ 21:50
More mods- Comments (1)

A few more mods:

  • src/ROMS/Utility/ran_state.F & ran1.F: where necessary, replace integers of default kind with integers of kind i4b (4-byte). This is necessary on Cray T3E, and maybe other platforms, where the default integer is not 4 bytes long.
  • src/ROMS/Utility/metrics.F: initialise my_grdmax.

File attached, with any luck

Mark Hadfield - October 23, 2006 @ 23:05
ROMS 3.0 modifications- Comments (1)

Hello all

Is this the right place to submit ROMS modifications?

Attached is a .tar.gz file containing my modifications. Changes are:

  1. src/makefile: Add a platform-specific conversion to the output of “uname -s” for the “MINGW” platform (MSYS shell plus MinGW32 compilers on Windows). Remove ROMS/Drivers from the list of modules as it contains no .F files; this causes an error at build time on the Cray T3E, as the “ar” command does not accept an empty command line.
  2. src/Compilers: Add makefiles for MINGW platform, g95 and gfortran compilers. Minor changes to compiler flags on other platforms, including removing -ff2c flag for Gfortran.
  3. /src/ROMS/Bin/cpp_clean: Change command name in first line from “usr/bin/perl” to “/usr/bin/env perl” to allow non-standard locations for perl executable.

On the ROMS forum I have a Kermit D Frog icon. Can I have it here?