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arango - August 20, 2006 @ 11:24
4DVar Observations Processing- Comments (0)

Corrected few routines to allow assimilating observations from a master NetCDF file containing data outside the assimilation time window:

  • Fixed a bug in obs_initial.F to allow processing of the observations from a NetCDF file containing surveys outside of the assimilation time window. The model now search for the available observations and ignores outbound time records. This is nice because there is not need to write the observation file to specific time records used in the assimilation window. Only one observation file is needed. Since the datum dimension is unlimited, this observation file can grow in real-time applications.
  • Modified obs_write.F, ad_misfit.F, and ad_htobs.F to report better the observations as they are processed. I was not reporting the observation processing information during the adjoint execution. Now will see something like:
       Number of State Observations Processed: ObsTime = 194.8962
       Variable IstrObs IendObs Count Rejected
       temp 1047 1084 38 0
       salt 1085 1122 38 0
       Total 76 0
       Obs Tally 986 0
       Wrote background state at observation locations, datum = 0001047 - 0001122

    Notice that now the processing of each state variable is in terms of datum record in the observation NetCDF file. Also, I am now reporting the tally count of all observations processed.

  • Corrected a segmentation fault in nf_fread2d.F and nf_fread3d.F in some new cluster systems. The problem was with the inconsistency in the use of the intent(inout) for gtype and all the subroutine calls.
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