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ROMS/TOMS Test Cases

ROMS is distributed with several idealized and realistic applications that can be used for testing, benchmarking, process-oriented studies, accuracy of numerical algorithms, learning and training, and ocean modeling experimentation. They can also be used to evaluate the efficiency, accuracy, and robustness of its numerical and physical algorithms against the solutions produced by other ocean modeling systems. Analytical or semi-analytical solutions exist for some of these test cases and few metrics/scores can be computed to assess model skill. You can obtain these test cases from the repository. This repository gives you guidelines on how to configure and setup your own application. Each example provides all the necessary scripts to compile/link (build script) and run each ROMS test case.

test/                                 Main test directory
    /DAMEE_4/                         North Atlantic DAMEE, 3/4° resolution
            /Data/                    Input data directory
                 /netcdf3             Input data, classic NetCDF format
                 /netcdf4             Input data, NetCDF-4/HDF5 format
            /scoord11                 Vertical coordinates: Vtransform=1, Vstretching=1
            /scoord22                 Vertical coordinates: Vtransform=2, Vstretching=2

    /External                         Variable info files common to all tests

    /WC13/                            California Current System, 1/3° resolution
         /ARRAY_MODES                 Array modes of representer matrix
         /Data                        Input data directory
         /Functionals                 Analytical functions
         /I4DVAR                      Incremental strong constraint 4D-Var
         /I4DVAR_impact               I4DVAR observation impact analysis
         /Normalization               Error covariance model
         /PSAS                        Physical-space Statistical Analysis System
         /PSAS_impact                 PSAS observation impact analysis
         /PSAS_sensitivity            PSAS observation sensitivity analysis
         /R4DVAR                      Indirect representer 4D-Var 
         /R4DVAR_impact               R4DVAR observation impact analysis
         /R4DVAR_sensitivity          R4DVAR observation sensitivity analysis
         /plotting                    Scripts to plot WC13 results

    /basin                            Big Bad Basin test case

    /benchmark                        Benchmark Tests (3 grid sizes)

    /bio_toy/                         One-dimensional (vertical) Biology Toy
            /Data                     Input data directory

    /bl_test                          Boundary Layers Test

    /canyon                           Idealized 2D/3D Canyon

    /double_gyre/                     Generalized Stability Theory Tests
                /AFTE                 Adjoint Finite Time Eigenmodes driver
                /Data                 Input data directory
                /FSV                  Forcing Singular Vector driver
                /FTE                  Finite Time Eigenmodes driver
                /Forward              Nonlinear forward model
                /OP                   Optimal Pertubations driver
                /SOsemi               Stochastic Optimals driver

    /estuary_test                     Estuary with Sediment Transport Test

    /flt_test                         Floats Tracking 2D/3D Test

    /grav_adj                         Gravitational Adjustment Test

    /inlet_test/                      Waves-ocean (SWAN/ROMS) two-way coupling
               /Data                  Input data directory

    /kelvin                           Kelvin Wave Test

    /lab_canyon                       Lab Canyon (polar coordinates) Test

    /lake_jersey/                     Lake Jersey Test for Nesting algorithms
                /Data                 Input data directory
                /Forward              Nonlinear forward model
                /Refined              Refined grid applications                 

    /lmd_test                         K-Profile Parameterization Test

    /riverplume                       Two River Plume Tests

    /seamount                         Seamount Test

    /sed_test                         Suspended Sediment Test in a Channel

    /shoreface/                       Shore Face Planar Beach Test
              /Data                   Input data directory

    /soliton                          Equatorial Soliton 2D Test

    /test_chan                        Sediment Test Channel Case

    /test_head/                       Sediment Test Headland Case
              /Data                   Input data directory

    /upwelling                        Wind-Driven Upwelling, Periodic Channel

    /weddell                          Idealized Weddell Sea, Tides and Ice Shelf

    /windbasin                        Wind-Driven Constant Coriolis Basin Test

Idealized Applications

Currently, there are several idealized applications in ROMS to test its algorithms. Mostly all of these applications are initialized and forced with analytical expressions in Functionals. It is recommended to the beginner user to run some of them to gain experience and explore ROMS capabilities.

  • Sediment Applications
    • ESTUARY_TEST: options for estuary with sediment (suspended) transport test
    • LAKE_SIGNELL: options for closed basin (lake) forced with wind
    • SED_TEST1: options for suspended sediment in a test channel
    • SED_TOY: options for one-dimensional (vertical) sediment toy (empty)
    • SHOREFACE: shore face planar beach test case (empty)
    • TEST_CHAN: options for sediment test channel case
    • TEST_HEAD: options for sediment test headland case
  • Model Coupling
    • COUPLING_TEST: options for atmosphere-ocean two-way coupling test
    • INLET_TEST: options for inlet test case, waves-ocean (SWAN/ROMS) two-way coupling
    • TEST_HEAD: options for sediment test headland case

Realistic Applications

Contributed Applications