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Editing Help

On a wiki, it is customary to allow readers to edit content and structure. Changes are tracked, and are revertible. You will need to log on to edit pages.

Editing basics

Review policy and conventions

Make sure that what you want to write belongs where you want to put it. The operator of the site likely has specific plans for the site, and your content might be deleted or unappreciated. You can always use the discussion pages to ask questions or check to see if your idea will be accepted.

Start editing

To start editing a page, click the edit tab at the top edge of the page. This brings you to the edit page with a text box containing the wikitext: the editable source code from which the server produces the webpage.

Enter the page title

In order to facilitate our special needs when it comes to page titles, we have disabled the automatic display of page titles. At the top of the document enter the following:
<div class="title">[ARTICLE TITLE]</div>
where [ARTICLE TITLE] is the text you would like displayed as the page's title.

Type your changes

You can just type your text. However, also using basic wiki markup (described in a later section) to make links and do simple formatting adds to the value of your contribution.

Summarize your changes (optional)

Write a short edit summary in the small field below the edit-box. You may use shorthand to describe your changes.

Preview before saving

When you have finished, click Show preview to see how your changes will look -- before you make them permanent. Repeat the edit/preview process until you are satisfied, then click Save page and your changes will be immediately applied to the article.

WikiROMS special editing Guidelines

As described in the "Enter the page title" section above, WikiROMS has specific needs that require non-standard formatting. Below are descriptions and examples of other special cases.

TeX Equations

The MediaWiki Math extension is installed, which allows most LaTex syntax. Some notable exceptions noticed so far are:

  1. Inserting a literal "_" is tricky. I.e. to place MIX_GEO in an equation enter: \text{MIX}{\_}\text{GEO}
  2. New lines in an equation are achieved with \\ instead of \cr
  3. \eqalign{} is not supported. Instead use \begin{align}<equations>\end{align}
  4. place a \, before commas at the end of equation lines to provide some spacing.
  5. To change colors within an equation use \color{<color>}{<elements to color>}

Be sure you are not including any custom macros in you equations.

There are three buttons relating to math entry: button numbered.png, button block math.png, and button math.png. The button numbered.png button will help you enter a numbered equation by inserting the necessary table code for numbering alignment. It is designed to work in conjunction with the block equation button (button block math.png). The button numbered.png button does not insert the necessary math tags so it can be used to number equations that were not previously numbered. The numbering is not automatic so it is suggested that you enter all equations before you begin numbering.

To enter a numbered equation click the button numbered.png button. The following code will entered in the editing box:

{| class="eqno" |Insert eq. to # here |(Enter eq. # here) |}

The Insert eq. to # here text will be highlighted so you can then click the button block math.png button and start entering your equation(s). Don't forget to enter the equation number(s) where it says "Enter eq. # here" before you save the page.

The button math.png button is for entering inline equations.

ROMS CPP Options

All ROMS cpp options technical description can be found in a single large page to facilitate printing. This page is organized in alphabetic order. Each option has an anchor tag to enable linking within any wiki page. For example, a link of the form
[[Options#UV_ADV | UV_ADV]]
will link to UV_ADV on the CPP options single page. Notice that a single page for each option is built using the following transclusion syntax:
that allows you to reference this option from any wiki page using the regular double-bracket syntax, [[UV_ADV]]. The grouping of options for specific physical processes, numerical algorithms, configuration strategies, idealized and realistic applications, and various model drivers is documented on the cppdefs.h page.

ROMS Variables

All ROMS variables can be found in a single large page to facilitate printing. This page is organized in alphabetic order sub-sections. Each ROMS variable has an anchor tag to enable linking from any wikipage. For example, links in the form
[[Variables#zeta | zeta]]
will link to a variable named zeta in this page.

Scientific References

All the scientific references are entered in the Bibliography page to facilitate printing. This page is organized in alphabetic order sub-sections. Notice that each reference has a unique anchor tag to facilitate citation from any wikipage. The anchor tag has the author lastname, firstname initial(s), underscore, publication year, and a lowercase letter enclosed with the span tag. For example,
<span id="SverdrupHU_1947a"></span> Sverdrup, H. U., 1947: Wind-driven currents in a baroclinic ocean, with application to the equatorial currents of the eastern Pacific, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 33 (11), 318-326.
The lowercase letter is used to distinguish between different publications from the same author in a year. To cite from any wikipage use:
[[Bibliography#SverdrupHU_1947a | Sverdrup (1947)]]

Code in Lists

If you wish to have code segments in side list you will need to use a special markup we have designed for this purpose:
# This is list item one.<div class="box">code in the box<br />and more</div>
# This is item two.
will produce:
  1. This is list item one.
    code in the box
    and more
  2. This is item two.
Warning Caution: It is imperative that you avoid new lines because they will restart the numbering and throw off the alignment.
For Example:
# This is list item one.
<div class="box">code in the box
and more</div>
# This is item two.
will produce:
  1. This is list item one.
code in the box
and more
  1. This is item two.

Special Icons

If you wish to draw attention to a special note or warn readers of a particular caveat, precede the statement with {{note}} or {{warning}}. For example:
{{note}} '''Notice:''' This is an important thing to note.
Note Notice: This is an important thing to note.
{{warning}} '''Caution:''' Be aware that this can be dangerous.
Warning Caution: Be aware that this can be dangerous.

Font Colors

In order to make font colors easier we have created several classes.
<span class="darkTurquoise">This is darkTurquoise</span>
This is darkTurquoise
Other available colors are: forestGreen, limeGreen, darkGoldenrod, peru, sandyBrown, salmon, hotPink, mediumOrchid, red, orange, brown, green, olive, cyan, blue, twilightBlue, purple, violet, and black.

General wiki markup help

General commonly used wiki formatting help can be found on the MediaWiki website here.