Lateral Boundary Conditions Scripts

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Matlab: Lateral Boundary Conditions Scripts

This page describes several Matlab scripts to process ROMS lateral boundary conditions data.

Interpolates requested 2D or 3D lateral boundary conditions variables between two ROMS application grids. The receiver grid must be inside of the donor grid. This function is intended for down-scaling or nesting applications. The horizontal/vertical coordinates for the donor and the and receiver grids are specified with array structures D and R, which are built elsewhere using script get_roms_grid.m for efficiency and functionality.
B = obc_roms2roms  (ncname, D, R, VarList, Tindex, boundary, method, offset, RemoveNaN)
On Input:
ncname: Donor grid NetCDF file name containing variables to process (string)
D: Donor grid structure containing all horizontal and vertical variables (struct array)
R: Receiver grid structure containing all horizontal and vertical variables (struct array)
VarList: List of variable names to process (cell array)
Tindex: Time record index to process (scalar)
boundary: Lateral boundary condition switches (logicals) of the grid edges to process (struct array):
boundary.west Western edge
boundary.east Eastern edge
boundary.south Southern edge
boundary.north Northern edge
method: Interpolation method in TriScatteredInterp (string):
'natural' natural neighbor interpolation
'linear' linear interpolation (default)
'nearest' nearest-neighbor interpolation
offset: Number of extra points to use when sampling the donor grid so it is large enough to contain the receiver grid (default 5)
RemoveNaN: Switch to remove NaN values from interpolated variable with a second interpolation step using the nearest-neighbor method (default false)
On Output:
B: Interpolated requested 2D or 3D lateral boundary variables (struct array)