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VERY IMPORTANT: Updated Matlab nesting scripts

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This is an important update for the Matlab nesting scripts. The nesting grid connectivity (NGC) file has new variables and will only work with the latest version of ROMS that will be released next.

What is new:

  • grid/c_contact.m: Added refined grid extraction coordinates to the output NGC NetCDF file to facilitate in ROMS the coding of mass flux conservation and two-way exchange from finer to coarser grids.
            int I_left(Ngrids) ;
                    I_left:long_name = "donor grid I-left index at PSI points used to extract refinement grid" ;
                    I_left:_FillValue = -999 ;
            int I_right(Ngrids) ;
                    I_right:long_name = "donor grid I-right index at PSI points used to extract refinement grid" ;
                    I_right:_FillValue = -999 ;
            int J_bottom(Ngrids) ;
                    J_bottom:long_name = "donor grid J-bottom index at PSI points used to extract refinement grid" ;
                    J_bottom:_FillValue = -999 ;
            int J_top(Ngrids) ;
                    J_top:long_name = "donor grid J-top index at PSI points used to extract refinement grid" ;
                    J_top:_FillValue = -999 ;
  • grid/contact.m: Changed how the contact points interpolation weights are computed. No longer they are adjusted to take into account the land/sea mask at contact points. This is now done in ROMS routine mask_hweights to facilitate computations when wetting and drying (WET_DRY) is activated. In wetting and drying, the land/sea mask evolves at every time step and these masks cannot be use here. Only the permanent land/sea masking arrays are available for this script.
  • grid/write_contact.m: Added the writing of refined grid extraction coordinates (I_left, I_right, J_bottom, J_top) to output NGC NetCDF file.
  • utility/plot_nesting.m: Enhanced plotting script for nesting grids. This plotting script is good for browsing and overlaying refined nested grids. It is not intended for publication quality plots.

Updated script tile.m and ptiles.m that help debugging parallel applications.

Also added new script untexlabel.m to modify text in Matlab correctly with the TeX translator in labels. The characters ^, _, and \ are translated correctly. This script is adapted from Guiseppe Ridino script. The texlabel(f,'literal') doesn't work because it introduces blank spaces before the above symbols.


In order to use the newest version of ROMS, users need to recompute the input nesting grid connectivity NetCDF file!

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