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SED_TOY Test Case

Brief Description of Model Test Case.

sed toy.jpg


Brief Description of Model Grid.

This 1D model utilizes multiple sediment classes to illustrate sediment distribution and concentration during steady-state conditions, with 21 timesteps. In this test run of Sed_Toy, two cohesive sediment grain size classes are input into the model (0.01mm and 0.005mm). The .01mm sediment class begins on/within the sediment bed at the start of the model; whereas the .005mm grains are found only in the water column. As the model progresses sediment grains settle and/or become suspended, thereby ending with a mixed grained sediment bed at the end of the model run. Sediment concentration profiles can be extracted throughout the time frame for model result comparisons.

Model Parameter Variable Value
Length (east-west) 1/Pm 10
Width (north-south) 1/Pn 10

Bottom Sediment

Size MUD_SD50 0.01 mm 0.005mm
Density MUD_SRHO 2650 kg/m3 2400 kg/m3
Settling Velocity MUD_WSED 0.1 mm/s 0.01 mm/s
Critical Shear Stress (Erosion) MUD_TAU_CE 0.01 N/m2 0.01 N/m2
Critical Shear Stress (Deposition) MUD_TAU_CD 0.1 N/m2</span> 0.1 N/m2</span>
Init Bed Thickness bed_thick 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
Init Susp Concentraion MUD_CSED 0 kg/m3 10 kg/m3
Erosion Rate E0 5e-5 kg/m2/s 5e-5 kg/m2/s
Porosity MUD_POROS 0.3 0.3


No Coriolis
No heating/cooling
No waves
Winds: A constant surface stress of .0001 m^2/s^2 is applied for time less than 3000 seconds. Surface stress is specified in ROMS/Functionals/ana_smflux.h.

Body Force: Here the surface stress and bottom stress are applied to the water column as a bodyforce. Specifically, input parameter LEVSFRC in roms_sed_toy\.in is the deepest level to which surface momentum stress is applied as a body force. LEVBFRC is the shallowest level to which the bottom momentum stress is applied as a body force. In the Sed_Toy test case, LEVSFRC = 15 and LEVBFRC=1.

Steady State Conditions

Describe steady state sediment concentration and sediment bed

Boundary Conditions

Both the East/West and North/South use periodic boundary conditions.

Physical Constants

Gravitational acceleration
Von Karman's constant
Dynamic viscosity (and minimum diffusivity)

NoteNote: If a model incorporates physical constants that differ from these, and/or automatically calculates some values specified here, please specify the values used.


Describe model output that the user should expect to see here. Include one or two figures.