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Possible typo in coarse2fine.m?

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Was trying to use coarse2fine in MATLAB R2020a to nest in a synthetic model, and encountered the following error:

Error using griddedInterpolant/parenReference
The number of input coordinate arrays must match the dimensions of the sample values.

Error in coarse2fine (line 372)
      RCu.Values = C.y_u(:);   F.y_u = RCu(XuF, YuF);

Wound up making the following modification to get it working:

  diff --git a/grid/coarse2fine.m b/grid/coarse2fine.m
  index af3c1db..9c5ad5b 100644
  --- a/grid/coarse2fine.m
  +++ b/grid/coarse2fine.m
  @@ -369,7 +369,7 @@ if (got.x_u && got.y_u) || (got.lon_u && got.lat_u)
         RCu = griddedInterpolant(XuC, YuC, C.x_u, method);

                                  F.x_u = RCu(XuF, YuF);
  -      RCu.Values = C.y_u(:);   F.y_u = RCu(XuF, YuF);
  +      RCu.Values = C.y_u;   F.y_u = RCu(XuF, YuF);
         F.x_u = interp2(XuC', YuC', C.x_u', XuF, YuF, method);
         F.y_u = interp2(XuC', YuC', C.y_u', XuF, YuF, method);

What's weird though is that I've used this before on this same model, and don't remember having to make this change. This may have been on an older version on MATLAB though, and I'm not sure if the behaviour of griddedInterpolant has changed in 2020a.

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