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Added indices to plot term diagnostics

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Component: Plotting Version: 3.3
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Updated plot/Data/varid.dat to include field identification indices for the diagnostic terms in ROMS plotting package. I also made the proper changes to scale and process associated vector fields. The IDs for the new fields are:

 [393]  DU2DPG    2D U-velocity, Pressure Gradient (cm/s2)
 [394]  DV2DPG    2D V-velocity, Pressure Gradient (cm/s2)
*[395]  DM2PGV    2D Momentum, Pressure Gradient Vectors (cm/s2)
*[396]  DM2PGM    2D Momentum, Pressure Gradient Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[397]  DM2PGS    2D Momentum, Pressure Gradient Streamlines
*[398]  DM2PGB    2D Momentum, Pressure Gradient Barbs
 [399]  DU2DCO    2D U-velocity, Coriolis (cm/s2)
 [400]  DV2DCO    2D V-velocity, Coriolis (cm/s2)
*[401]  DM2COV    2D Momentum, Coriolis Vectors (cm/s2)
*[402]  DM2COM    2D Momentum, Coriolis Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[403]  DM2COS    2D Momentum, Coriolis Streamlines
*[404]  DM2COB    2D Momentum, Coriolis Barbs
 [405]  DU2DHA    2D U-velocity, Horizontal Advection (cm/s2)
 [406]  DV2DHA    2D V-velocity, Horizontal Advection (cm/s2)
*[407]  DM2HAV    2D Momentum, Horizontal Advection Vectors (cm/s2)
*[408]  DM2HAM    2D Momentum, Horizontal Advection Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[409]  DM2HAS    2D Momentum, Horizontal Advection Streamlines
*[410]  DM2HAB    2D Momentum, Horizontal Advection Barbs
 [411]  DU2DSS    2D U-velocity, Surface Stress (cm/s2)
 [412]  DV2DSS    2D V-velocity, Surface Stress (cm/s2)
*[413]  DM2SSV    2D Momentum, Surface Stress Vectors (cm/s2)
*[414]  DM2SSM    2D Momentum, Surface Stress Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[415]  DM2SSS    2D Momentum, Surface Stress Streamlines
*[416]  DM2SSB    2D Momentum, Surface Stress Barbs
 [417]  DU2DBS    2D U-velocity, Bottom Stress (cm/s2)
 [418]  DV2DBS    2D V-velocity, Bottom Stress (cm/s2)
*[419]  DM2BSV    2D Momentum, Bottom Stress Vectors (cm/s2)
*[420]  DM2BSM    2D Momentum, Bottom Stress Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[421]  DM2BSS    2D Momentum, Bottom Stress Streamlines
*[422]  DM2BSB    2D Momentum, Bottom Stress Barbs
 [423]  DU2DHV    2D U-velocity, Horizontal Viscosity (cm/s2)
 [424]  DV2DHV    2D V-velocity, Horizontal Viscosity (cm/s2)
*[425]  DM2HVV    2D Momentum, Horizontal Viscosity Vectors (cm/s2)
*[426]  DM2HVM    2D Momentum, Horizontal Viscosity Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[427]  DM2HVS    2D Momentum, Horizontal Viscosity Streamlines
*[428]  DM2HVB    2D Momentum, Horizontal Viscosity Barbs
 [429]  DU2DHR    2D U-velocity, Horizontal Radiation Stress (cm/s2)
 [430]  DV2DHR    2D V-velocity, Horizontal Radiation Stress (cm/s2)
*[431]  DM2HRV    2D Momentum, Horizontal Radiation Stress Vectors (cm/s2)
*[432]  DM2HRM    2D Momentum, Horizontal Radiation Stress Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[433]  DM2HRS    2D Momentum, Horizontal Radiation Stress Streamlines
*[434]  DM2HRB    2D Momentum, Horizontal Radiation Stress Barbs
 [435]  DU2DAC    2D U-velocity, Acceleration (cm/s2)
 [436]  DV2DAC    2D V-velocity, Acceleration (cm/s2)
*[437]  DM2ACV    2D U-velocity, Acceleration Vectors (cm/s2)
*[438]  DM2ACM    2D U-velocity, Acceleration Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[439]  DM2ACS    2D U-velocity, Acceleration Streamlines
*[440]  DM2ACB    2D U-velocity, Acceleration Barbs
 [441]  DU3DPG    3D U-velocity, Pressure Gradient (cm/s2)
 [442]  DV3DPG    3D V-velocity, Pressure Gradient (cm/s2)
*[443]  DM3PGV    3D Momentum, Pressure Gradient Vectors (cm/s2)
*[444]  DM3PGM    3D Momentum, Pressure Gradient Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[445]  DM3PGS    3D Momentum, Pressure Gradient Streamlines
*[446]  DM3PGB    3D Momentum, Pressure Gradient Barbs
 [447]  DU3DCO    3D U-velocity, Coriolis (cm/s2)
 [448]  DV3DCO    3D V-velocity, Coriolis (cm/s2)
*[449]  DM3COV    3D Momentum, Coriolis Vectors (cm/s2)
*[450]  DM3COM    3D Momentum, Coriolis Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[451]  DM3COS    3D Momentum, Coriolis Streamlines
*[452]  DM3COB    3D Momentum, Coriolis Barbs
 [453]  DU3DHA    3D U-velocity, Horizontal Advection (cm/s2)
 [454]  DV3DHA    3D V-velocity, Horizontal Advection (cm/s2)
*[455]  DM3HAV    3D Momentum, Horizontal Advection Vectors (cm/s2)
*[456]  DM3HAM    3D Momentum, Horizontal Advection Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[457]  DM3HAS    3D Momentum, Horizontal Advection Streamlines
*[458]  DM3HAB    3D Momentum, Horizontal Advection Barbs
 [459]  DU3DVA    3D U-velocity, Vertical Advection (cm/s2)
 [460]  DV3DVA    3D V-velocity, Vertical Advection (cm/s2)
*[461]  DM3VAV    3D Momentum, Vertical Advection Vectors (cm/s2)
*[462]  DM3VAM    3D Momentum, Vertical Advection Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[463]  DM3VAS    3D Momentum, Vertical Advection Streamlines
*[464]  DM3VAB    3D Momentum, Vertical Advection Barbs
 [465]  DU3DHV    3D U-velocity, Horizontal Viscosity (cm/s2)
 [466]  DV3DHV    3D V-velocity, Horizontal Viscosity (cm/s2)
*[467]  DM3HVV    3D Momentum, Horizontal Viscosity Vectors (cm/s2)
*[468]  DM3HVM    3D Momentum, Horizontal Viscosity Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[469]  DM3HVS    3D Momentum, Horizontal Viscosity Streamlines
*[470]  DM3HVB    3D Momentum, Horizontal Viscosity Barbs
 [471]  DU3DVV    3D U-velocity, Vertical Viscosity (cm/s2)
 [472]  DV3DVV    3D V-velocity, Vertical Viscosity (cm/s2)
*[473]  DM3VVV    3D Momentum, Vertical Viscosity Vectors (cm/s2)
*[474]  DM3VVM    3D Momentum, Vertical Viscosity Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[475]  DM3VVS    3D Momentum, Vertical Viscosity Streamlines
*[476]  DM3VVB    3D Momentum, Vertical Viscosity Barbs
 [477]  DU3DHR    3D U-velocity, Horizontal Radiation Stress (cm/s2)
 [478]  DV3DHR    3D V-velocity, Horizontal Radiation Stress (cm/s2)
*[479]  DM3HRV    3D Momentum, Horizontal Radiation Stress Vectors (cm/s2)
*[480]  DM3HRM    3D Momentum, Horizontal Radiation Stress Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[481]  DM3HRS    3D Momentum, Horizontal Radiation Stress Streamlines
*[482]  DM3HRB    3D Momentum, Horizontal Radiation Stress Barbs
 [483]  DU3DVR    3D U-velocity, Vertical Radiation Stress (cm/s2)
 [484]  DV3DVR    3D V-velocity, Vertical Radiation Stress (cm/s2)
*[485]  DM3VRV    3D Momentum, Vertical Radiation Stress Vectors (cm/s2)
*[486]  DM3VRM    3D Momentum, Vertical Radiation Stress Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[487]  DM3VRS    3D Momentum, Vertical Radiation Stress Streamlines
*[488]  DM3VRB    3D Momentum, Vertical Radiation Stress Barbs
 [489]  DU3DAC    3D U-velocity, Acceleration (cm/s2)
 [490]  DV3DAC    3D V-velocity, Acceleration (cm/s2)
*[491]  DM3ACV    3D U-velocity, Acceleration Vectors (cm/s2)
*[492]  DM3ACM    3D U-velocity, Acceleration Magnitude (cm/s2)
*[493]  DM3ACS    3D U-velocity, Acceleration Streamlines
*[494]  DM3ACB    3D U-velocity, Acceleration Barbs
 [495]  DTEMHA    Temperature, Horizontal Advection (Celsius/s)
 [496]  DTEMVA    Temperature, Vertical Advection (Celsius/s)
 [497]  DTEMVD    Temperature, Vertical Diffusion (Celsius/s)
 [498]  DTEMAC    Temperature, Time Rate of Change (Celsius/s)
 [499]  DSALHA    Salinity, Horizontal Advection (1/s)
 [500]  DSALVA    Salinity, Vertical Advection (1/s)
 [501]  DSALVD    Salinity, Vertical Diffusion (1/s)
 [502]  DSALAC    Salinity, Time Rate of Change (1/s)
 [503]  DNO3HA    Nitrate, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [504]  DNO3VA    Nitrate, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [505]  DNO3VD    Nitrate, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [506]  DNO3AC    Nitrate, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [507]  DNH4HA    Ammonium, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [508]  DNH4VA    Ammonium, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [509]  DNH4VD    Ammonium, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [510]  DNH4AC    Ammonium, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [511]  DPONHA    Particulate Organic Nitrogen, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/
 [512]  DPONVA    Particulate Organic Nitrogen, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [513]  DPONVD    Particulate Organic Nitrogen, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [514]  DPONAC    Particulate Organic Nitrogen, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s
 [515]  DDONHA    Dissolved Organic Nitrogen, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [516]  DDONVA    Dissolved Organic Nitrogen, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [517]  DDONVD    Dissolved Organic Nitrogen, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [518]  DDONAC    Dissolved Organic Nitrogen, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [519]  DSILHA    Silica, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [520]  DSILVA    Silica, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [521]  DSILVD    Silica, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [522]  DSILAC    Silica, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [523]  DOPAHA    Particulate Organic Silica, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [524]  DOPAVA    Particulate Organic Silica, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [525]  DOPAVD    Particulate Organic Silica, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [526]  DOPAAC    Particulate Organic Silica, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [527]  DDFEHA    Available Dissolved Iron, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [528]  DXXXVA    Available Dissolved Iron, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [529]  DXXXVD    Available Dissolved Iron, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [530]  DXXXAC    Available Dissolved Iron, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [531]  DCHLHA    Chlorophyll, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [532]  DCHLVA    Chlorophyll, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [533]  DCHLVD    Chlorophyll, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [534]  DCHLAC    Chlorophyll, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [535]  DPHYHA    Phytoplankton, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [536]  DPHYVA    Phytoplankton, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [537]  DPHYVD    Phytoplankton, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [538]  DPHYAC    Phytoplankton, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [539]  DPFEHA    Phytoplankton-Fe, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [540]  DPFEVA    Phytoplankton-Fe, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [541]  DPFEVD    Phytoplankton-Fe, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [542]  DPFEAC    Phytoplankton-Fe, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [543]  DNPHHA    Nanophytoplankton, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [544]  DNPHVA    Nanophytoplankton, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [545]  DNPHVD    Nanophytoplankton, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [546]  DNPHAC    Nanophytoplankton, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [547]  DDIAHA    Diatom, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [548]  DDIAVA    Diatom, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [549]  DDIAVD    Diatom, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [550]  DDIAAC    Diatom, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [551]  DZOOHA    Zooplankton, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [552]  DZOOVA    Zooplankton, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [553]  DZOOVD    Zooplankton, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [554]  DZOOAC    Zooplankton, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [555]  DMIZHA    Microzooplankton, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [556]  DMIZVA    Microzooplankton, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [557]  DMIZVD    Microzooplankton, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [558]  DMIZAC    Microzooplankton, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [559]  DMEZHA    Mesozooplankton, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [560]  DMEZVA    Mesozooplankton, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [561]  DMEZVD    Mesozooplankton, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [562]  DMEZAC    Mesozooplankton, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [563]  DPRZHA    Predactor Zooplankton, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [564]  DPRZVA    Predactor Zooplankton, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [565]  DPRZVD    Predactor Zooplankton, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [566]  DPRZAC    Predactor Zooplankton, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [567]  DDETHA    Detritus, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [568]  DDETVA    Detritus, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [569]  DDETVD    Detritus, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [570]  DDETAC    Detritus, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [571]  DSDNHA    Small Detritus-N, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [572]  DSDNVA    Small Detritus-N, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [573]  DSDNVD    Small Detritus-N, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [574]  DSDNAC    Small Detritus-N, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [575]  DLDNHA    Large Detritus-N, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [576]  DLDNVA    Large Detritus-N, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [577]  DLDNVD    Large Detritus-N, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [578]  DLDNAC    Large Detritus-N, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [579]  DSDCHA    Small Detritus-C, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [580]  DSDCVA    Small Detritus-C, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [581]  DSDCVD    Small Detritus-C, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [582]  DSDCAC    Small Detritus-C, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [583]  DLDCHA    Large Detritus-C, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [584]  DLDCVA    Large Detritus-C, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [585]  DLDCVD    Large Detritus-C, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [586]  DLDcAC    Large Detritus-C, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [587]  DTICHA    Total Inorganic Carbon, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [588]  DTICVA    Total Inorganic Carbon, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [589]  DTICVD    Total Inorganic Carbon, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [590]  DTICAC    Total Inorganic Carbon, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [591]  DALKHA    Alkalinity, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [592]  DALKVA    Alkalinity, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [593]  DALKVD    Alkalinity, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [594]  DALKAC    Alkalinity, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [595]  DOXYHA    Oxygen, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [596]  DOXYVA    Oxygen, Vertical Advection (mmol/m3/s)
 [597]  DOXYVD    Oxygen, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m3/s)
 [598]  DOXYAC    Oxygen, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m3/s)
 [599]  DDENHA    Denitrification, Horizontal Advection (mmol/m2/s)
 [600]  DDENVA    Denitrification, Vertical Advection (mmol/m2/s)
 [601]  DDENVD    Denitrification, Vertical Diffusion (mmol/m2/s)
 [602]  DDENAC    Denitrification, Time Rate of Change (mmol/m2/s)
 [603]  DNUPHA    Averaged NO3 Uptake (mmol/m3/day)
 [604]  DPPRVA    Averaged Primary Production (mmol/m3/day)
 [605]  DO2ASF    Averaged O2 air-sea Flux (mmol/m2/day)
 [606]  DCO2AF    Averaged CO2 air-sea Flux (mmol/m2/day)
 [607]  DPPCO2    Averaged Partial Pressure of CO2 (microatm)

Many thanks to Kate Hedstrom for bringing this to my attention.

I also updated Copyright label so mostly all the files were changed.

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