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VERY IMPORTANT: Build scripts and standard input — at Initial Version

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Priority: major Milestone: Release ROMS/TOMS 3.7
Component: Nonlinear Version: 3.7
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I wanted to rework the ROMS build scripts for a while to separate the user's customized library paths to a single file that can be included if so desired. Also, I needed some explicit renaming and cleaning because of the underway ESMF/NUOPC coupling.


To avoid ambiguity with other Earth System Model (ESM) components during coupling the following files were renamed:

  • The ROMS build scripts are renamed to buil_roms.bash and for the BATCH and CSH shell environments, respectively.
  • The ROMS executable is renamed to romsS (serial), romsM (distributed-memory, MPI), romsO (shared-memory, OpenMP), and romsG (debugging). The ocean executable names were to generic and ambiguous if one wants to couple two different ocean models.
  • All the distributed ROMS standard input files are renamed to where APP is the application or test case. For example, we have now
  • All the default filenames are renamed to where TYP is the type of NetCDF file. Again, the ocean prefix was too generic and ambiguous. For example, we now have,,, and so on. Notice that the user still has the choice to change the filename of ROMS input and output NetCDF files.

There are a lot of simple changes in this update with svn mv commands. The test cases repository was also completely updated.


  • The SeaIce subdirectory is moved to be inside of the Nonlinear sub-directory as it should be. It will facilitate in the future the writing of the tangent linear and adjoint transformations of such model in the Tangent, Representer, and Adjoint sub-directories. The movement of the SeaIce sub-directory will not affect the compiling and linking since ROMS makefile system is very flexible and powerful. The makefile was changed accordingly.
  • The Atmosphere sub-directory is removed from the repository. The new strategy for ESMF/NUOPC coupling is for the user to subscribe to such repositories and download and install the ESM component. ESM components are compiled and linked separated from ROMS. We need to use the libraries and sometimes few modules and object files to compile ROMS successfully in coupled applications. ROMS is driving the coupling.
  • All the user-customized library paths are now included, if so desired, in a script:
    • Compilers/ (BACH script) or
    • Compilers/my_build_paths.bash (CSH script)

Notice that we can specify an alternate directory in the build script. I keep my customized copies in ${HOME}/Compilers/ROMS. In build_roms.bach we have:

# Set path of the directory containing makefile configuration (*.mk) files.
# The user has the option to specify a customized version of these files
# in a different directory than the one distributed with the source code,
# ${MY_ROMS_SRC}/Compilers. If this is the case, you need to keep
# these configurations files up-to-date.

 export         COMPILERS=${MY_ROMS_SRC}/Compilers
#export         COMPILERS=${HOME}/Compilers/ROMS


# If applicable, use my specified library paths.

 export USE_MY_LIBS=no            # use system default library paths
#export USE_MY_LIBS=yes           # use my customized library paths

if [ "${USE_MY_LIBS}" = "yes" ]; then
  source ${COMPILERS}/my_build_paths.bash


A new sub-directory ESM is added at the root containing scripts and modified ESM component files that substitute the ones distributed from source repositories to solve various technical issues during coupling (see ESM/Readme for details). The WRF files below were adapted from Version 4.0.3 (December 18, 2018).

  • Standard input script for ROMS when coupling with the ESMF/NUOPC library. It is well documented and sets the coupling system. To submit a job, we could use for example:
     mpirun -np 8 romsM > & log &
  • coupling_esmf.dat: Coupling metadata defining import and export fields.
  • A friendlier CSH script to compile CICE.
  • build_wrf.bash, BATCH and CSH compiling scripts for WRF to facilitate easy compiling and linking. It also corrects several technical issues with very old ESMF library interference and incorrect NetCDF4 library dependencies.
  • wrf_configure: Reworking of linking NetCDF4 library dependencies. It replaces ${WRF_ROOT_DIR}/configure.
  • wrf_add_configue: Adds CPP macros to rename ESMF and esmf to MYESMF and myesmf to the dependencies of module_domain.o and output_wrf.o to avoid conflicts with newer versions of the ESMF/NUOPC library. It appends to ${WRF_ROOT_DIR}/configure.wrf.
  • wrf_Makefile: Reworking of linking NetCDF4 library dependencies. Ir replaces ${WRF_ROOT_DIR}/Makefile.
  • wrf_postamble: Reworking of linking NetCDF4 library dependencies. It replaces ${WRF_ROOT_DIR}/arch/postamble.
  • wrf_configure.defaults: Substitutes obsolete compiling option -openmp to -qopenmp. It renames ocurrences of ESMF and esmf to MYESMF and myesmf to avoid conflicts with newer versions of the ESMF. WRF uses parts of an old version of the ESMF library for its internal time clock. It causes conflicts when coupling with newer ESMF/NUOPC library. Added mixed compiling with Intel/GNU (ifort/gcc) and OpenMPI. It replaces ${WRF_ROOT_DIR}/arch/configure.defaults.
  • It renames ocurrences of ESMF and esmf to MYESMF and myesmf to avoid conflicts with newer versions of the ESMF. It replaces ${WRF_ROOT_DIR}/arch/
  • wrf_Makefile.esmf: It renames ocurrences of ESMF and esmf to MYESMF and myesmf to avoid conflicts with newer versions of the ESMF. Everything is done during C-preprocessing, so original files are not modified. It replaces ${WRF_ROOT_DIR}/external/esmf_time_f90/Makefile.
  • wrf_Test1.F90: It corrects bug in optional argument to ESMF_Initialize call from !defaultCalendar to 1defaultCalKind. It replaces ${WRF_ROOT_DIR}/external/esmf_time_f90/Test1.F90.

I will contact WRF developers to take care of these problems in future versions. However, we still this corrections or similar in an older or current version of WRF. I provide the full file so the user can compare the files to check the nature of the changes.


The coupling via the ESMF/NUOPC is still now available for usage.

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