Plot ROMS outputs in QGIS

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Plot ROMS outputs in QGIS

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Hi folks,

I recently had a need to plot up some ROMS outputs in QGIS as mesh layers, which prompted me to cook up a Python script for converting grid/history/quicksave/average files into UGRID compliant NetCDF files.

I have this nagging feeling that I've gone and accomplished this in a way that was much more complicated than it needed to be, but I also didn't come across any previous attempts to do this. In case anybody else has a need to convert ROMS files to UGRID files, the code can be acquired from the following GitHub repo:

At the moment, this is only capable of processing variables defined on the RHO-points, so if you want to include the momentum components in the output UGRID files, you first need to make sure that the interpolated fields are present in the input files (e.g. if you want to include u and v in the UGRID file, you have to use u_eastward and v_northward).

Comments, criticisms, and tips/ideas definitely welcome. I am not a programmer by training (nor trade), so I make no claim as to the quality of the code contained within!

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