Error to use the "join_cst.m" command

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Error to use the "join_cst.m" command

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Hi everyone,
I'm a new user of the coawst model. I've been making bathy data from scratch following the guide in the website "".
However, when I used the join_cst command, it failed. My error is that:

Code: Select all

K>> coast_new=join_cst(coast,.0001);   % join coastline segments closer than 0.0001 degrees
Error using
There is no aspectratio property on the Axes class.

Error in join_cst (line 33)
plot(coast(:,1),coast(:,2),'g-');set(gca,'aspectratio',[nan 1]);
33  plot(coast(:,1),coast(:,2),'g-');set(gca,'aspectratio',[nan 1]);
Please help me to solve this problem.
Thank all,

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