NEMURO - Opal equation

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NEMURO - Opal equation

#1 Post by spitz » Fri Jul 12, 2019 10:29 pm

After rereading the NEMURO code in nemuro.h, I believe that there is a mistake in the term
Indeed, this would mean that all the grazing in terms of silica would be going to the opal pool, which is not correct as only a fraction of it should go to that pool.
According to Eq. 11 from Kishi et al. (2007), only the egestion is going to the opal pool, which is correct.
d(Opal)/dt=Mortality (PL)+egestion (ZL)+egestion(ZP)−decomposition(Opal to Si(OH)4)

I therefore believe that the line of code in nemuro.h should be

This would also be consistent with the formation of detrital nitrogen (PON in the code and article).

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