WC13/R4DVAR Compiling Problem: rp_set_vbc.f90

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WC13/R4DVAR Compiling Problem: rp_set_vbc.f90

#1 Post by ckers »

After I compiled the build_roms.bash in test/WC13/R4DVAR, I got this error:


tl_stflx(i,j,isalt)=EmP*tl_t(i,j,N(ng),nrhs,isalt)+ &
Error: Unclassifiable statement at (1)

I checked the rp_set_vbc.f90 in Build_roms directory under test/WC13/R4DVAR, and I found that

tl_stflx(i,j,isalt)=EmP*tl_t(i,j,N(ng),nrhs,isalt)+ &
& (tl_EmP-EmP))* &
& t(i,j,N(ng),nrhs,isalt)

As you can see, there is an extra right parenthesis. I have tried to delete the extra right parenthesis; however, after compiling it will generate a new rp_set_vbc.f90

How can I solve this?

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Re: WC13/R4DVAR Compiling Problem: rp_set_vbc.f90

#2 Post by kate »

You need to fix rp_set_vbc.F, not the .f90 file.

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