openDX and 'xmgrace' for ROMS files visualization

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openDX and 'xmgrace' for ROMS files visualization

#1 Post by yildirim »


I would like to use openDX which has NETCDF file support, I remember that it has some converter program from ROMS file for openDX (need little bit change). does anybody know how I can locate this program?

Secondly, there is very nice 2D plots program which is freely availabe "xmgrace" supporting NETCDF file, I could not use properley, is anybody using "xmgrace"?


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opendx / roms

#2 Post by calil »

are you talking about these programs?


#3 Post by lefevre »


An other way is to use Ferret to make prior change, like grid transformation (indice i,j to lon/lat) and Sigma to true Z.

Once the data in a conformal projection (Lon,Lat, Z, time), you had to use ncdx ( in order to create a full DX compliant netcdf file. ("ncdx" add attributes and variable like positions, because openDX don't know how to interpret at CF netcdf file).

If you know Ferret (powerful tool to deal with netcdf data), this is easy !

Good luck

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