Accessing forcing data from NCEP NOMADS

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Accessing forcing data from NCEP NOMADS

#1 Post by wilkin » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:41 pm

Just a heads-up ... for those of you who use the NCEP NOMADS server to access NAM, GFS etc. meteorology and other data.

NOAA is migrating all HTTP traffic from HTTP to HTTPS. Beginning Dec 3, 2018, all HTTPS URLs will be available alongside HTTP. Starting on December 7, 2018, NCEP will begin to redirect HTTP URLs to HTTPS. More information can be found in the Service Change Notification ... rlsaaa.pdf

Various scripts in Matlab and Python at and from the COAWST repository access NOMADS via http.

I am unsure whether this change will break those scripts - I suspect not since NCEP have said they will forward URLs. But if your system is fussy about http vs https traffic (versions of Matlab only a few years ago for example gave some problems with opendap urls that were https) you might encounter some problems.

Something to watch out for with automatic scripts running in cron next week.
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Re: Accessing forcing data from NCEP NOMADS

#2 Post by jcwarner » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:42 am

Thanks John.
Yes we did take some steps earlier to take into account the http to https issue from NCEI etc. We got hit with that earlier when matlab failed, but Christie and Steve & others spent some time to update some m files, here is a post on that
I will try them again, and lets see how the transition works.

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