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wind force

#1 Post by redhat007 »

1-is it possible to just use ana_winds when using bulk_fluxes or other analytical files (ANA_TAIR,ANA_PAIR, ANA_HUMIDIy, ANA_RAIN, LONGWAVE and ANA_CLOUD) should be define simultaneously?
2- when using bulk flux in model after running it gives

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READ_PHYPAR - could not find input file:
ERROR: I/O related problem.
that is because in file there is

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 NFFILES == 1                  

it is true that i do not have but as kate said in other posts
If you try setting it to zero, you might find that ROMS will complain.
please tell me what i should do?

many many thanks

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Re: wind force

#2 Post by jivica »

This was asked before :!: so have a look at the

basically you do not put number of forcing files == 0 but leave it empty


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Re: wind force

#3 Post by kate »

Redhat is asking which field is not being set analytically and is therefore causing ROMS to want to read that file. The code in control is in globaldefs.h and you can search for FRC_FILE to find it. What conditions set FRC_FILE? Which one are you triggering? Perhaps you need ANA_SRFLUX.

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