ICES ASC September 20-24, 2010 Nantes: Call for Contribution

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ICES ASC September 20-24, 2010 Nantes: Call for Contribution

#1 Post by bberx » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:37 am

Dear all,

Contributions for posters and papers at the 2010 ICES Annual Science Conference are now invited. The conference will be held at La Cité des Congrès in Nantes, France from Monday September 20th until Friday September 24th 2010. An overview of the theme sessions can be found online at, and abstracts can be submitted online at The deadline for submission of abstracts is Thursday April 15th 2010.

In particular, I would like to draw to your attention theme session A, entitled “Operational oceanography for fisheries and environmental applications”. A brief description is given below.

See you in Nantes!


Session A - Operational Oceanography for Fisheries and Environmental Applications

Conveners: Helge Sagen (Norway), Barbara Berx (UK), and Dave Brickman (Canada)

In an ICES context, operational oceanography refers to products and tools that can be incorporated into the decision making process. Thus products may not need to be produced in real time, seasonal and annual analysis may suffice. During 2008-09 the ICES WG on Operational Oceanographic Products for Fisheries and Environment (WGOOFE) will be working with users to define operational products that would be useful for fisheries and environmental applications. For this theme session presentations are encouraged on numerical model products and observational analyses that provide synthesis across space, time and/or trophic levels that have the potential to be useful to the ICES community. This includes, but would not be limited to, ‘state of the ocean’ reports based on observations and models, multiyear oceanographic reanalyses (hindcasts), nutrient load reduction simulations, indices appropriate for relating to fish recruitment variability, harmful algal bloom forecasting, climate change scenario downscaling, and model products useful for prediction of climate change impacts at the local scale.

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