Benchmarks of I4dvar

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Benchmarks of I4dvar

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Hi all
I compiled I4dvar then try to run it on my laptop core i7 8 threads with 16gb ram. The stdout shows the model run for a short time then stuck at line 28310 with " <<<< Conjugate Gradient Algorithm >>>>". Task manager shows that I have 8 threads are still running with about 12% of cpu and 60mb of ram each threads (totally nearly 100% cpu all the time, 8x12%) with the name related to, so I guest that the model still running the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm. I understand that the I4dvar is a very expensive one to compute, but up to now it is running over 12hours on my laptop. As an exercise to introducing the I4dvar with small grid, I expected that the I4dvar may be completed on the laptop computer in several hours.

Could someone please help me an idea about the cpu time of I4dvar on pc? may be some information like this link

this is my stdout log up to now, I can not sure if it is hang or still running.
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