Running a test case in ROMS Rutgers

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Running a test case in ROMS Rutgers

#1 Post by sun_92 »

Hello all, cheers to all of you and wishing you a great day ahead

I'm quite new to ROMS model and i have done some test simulations with ROMS-AGRIF. However I'm quite new to ROMS- Rutgers and i would like to run test simulations in BoB region

How are the initial boundary and forcing files generated in ROMS- Rutgers? In AGRIF, there are make files such as make_grid , make_clim , make_bry etc and a main file param.m where we specify the grids and the required modules. I presume that is a similiar file , but what about the make files?

I would like to know how to generate the forcing and initial files using python?

I will appreciate any suggestions from the users.

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Re: Running a test case in ROMS Rutgers

#2 Post by kate »

I am making those files in Python with pyroms. There's an examples directory with some examples from a few sources.

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