ROMS Plotting Package Released

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ROMS Plotting Package Released

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ROMS/TOMS Plotting Package

ROMS has a very powefull plotting package written in F77 using NCAR's GKS plotting library :arrow: . This is an old package that has evolved a lot over the last 15-years. I started writing it in 1991 when I was post-doc at Harvard University. It is a very complex plotting package since it plots hundreds of different primary and secondary fields. A primary field is one read from input ROMS NetCDF files (e.g. potential temperature) whereas a secondary field is a derived field (e.g. Bernolli function) computed from primary fields.

There are basically four programs that plots black/white or color fill contours and overlays from horizontal (cnt.F, ccnt.F) or vertical cross-sections (sec.F, csec.F). It is a great tool for quickly ploting hundreds of plots and browsing a solution.

To check-out the plotting package from ROMS repository enter

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    svn checkout MyPlotDir
    svn checkout --username <username> MyPlotDir
replacing <username> with your ROMS user name.

For more information to how download, install, and run this plotting package check its documentation in :arrow: WikiROMS.

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