Non-concentration "tracers" added

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Non-concentration "tracers" added

#1 Post by jmcgovern » Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:55 pm

I have added a number of new parameters to a modified BGC code. The idea is that the new state variables grow (gain mass) at each water level but are not advected horizontally or vertically.

I have modified pre_step3d, my BGC code and step3d_t so that the new tracers/state variables will not be subject to advection/diffusion. In spite of the changes made, it seems that the parameter value at each level fluctuates even with growth/decay of my new tracers/state variables switched off. I have scoured all source code in light of the cpp flags used and yet the levels are fluctuating. It seems as if there is still advection vertically between the layers.

Are there any other parts of the source code that deal with tracers that I may not have changed to reflect the scenario I am looking at?

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