Invitation to provide experimental storm surge model output

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Invitation to provide experimental storm surge model output

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Colleagues -

Please see this message from Chris Landsea of NHC below if you are interested in collaboration.

Best regards,
Jesse Feyen

Dear Storm Surge Expert,

The National Hurricane Center is able to test new observational and modeling capabilities experimentally through the Joint Hurricane Testbed. (For more information about the JHT: .) As part of the JHT, a storm surge visualization tool - StormSurge Viz - is being tested at NHC. StormSurge Viz project's goal is to provide a community-based method for visualizing real-time storm surge model output from a variety of sources, possibly from academia, government agencies, and the private sector, for real-time consideration by the Storm Surge Unit at NHC.StormSurge Viz is capable of displaying storm surge model output from a variety of systems, as long as the output is provided in CF-compliant NetCDF format delivered via OPeNDAP/THREDDS servers. If you desire to provide real-time storm surge model output for consideration by NHC during the 2015 hurricane seasons, please follow the specifications listed. NHC relies heavily on operational storm surge model output from P-Surge ( ) as its primary source of guidance and will continue to do so going forward. Furthermore, participating in this project is not a proxy or substitute for operational transition of any modeling system. Rather, StormSurge Viz provides an experimental environment for the operational and research storm surge modeling communities to engage in improving understanding of operational needs and surge modeling techniques with the ultimate goal of improving forecasts for the public. (Please see below for details about specifications needed for providing storm surge model output.)

It is necessary to point out that volunteering to participate in this project does not constitute operational transition of any modeling system. Rather, it is a means for the operational and research community to engage and gain a better understanding of operational needs, which is ultimately in providing improved storm surge predictions for the public.

The community onboarding process is described as part of the StormSurgeViz code repository: ... ipate.html

Let me know if you have any questions about this invitation.

Chris Landsea
Chris Landsea
Science and Operations Officer/Joint Hurricane Testbed Director
NOAA/NWS/NCEP/National Hurricane Center
11691 S.W. 17th Street
Miami, Florida 33165 P: 305-229-4446
“If you’re asking me about what FEMA is doing differently this
year based upon a seasonal hurricane forecast, I look at you
as if you have a big ‘A’ on your forehead: ‘Amateur’.” -
Craig Fugate, Director of FEMA, 16 April 2014

Jesse C. Feyen, Ph.D.
Detailed to: Water Resources Services Branch
Analyze Forecast and Support Office
Portfolio Manager, NOAA Storm Surge Roadmap
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
1325 East West Highway
SSMC2 13430, O/S31
Silver Spring, MD 20910
phone: (301) 427-9742
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