Compiling with Absoft and mac OSX

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Compiling with Absoft and mac OSX

#1 Post by scully_ROMS » Fri Mar 03, 2006 8:23 pm

I am getting an error that reads:

ar r libNLM.a
ar: no archive members specified

when I try to complile using Absoft 9.2 on a mac G5 running OSX 10.4.5

from basic google searching it sounds as if the make file is trying to build an empty archive, which works on some platforms but not Darwin. Any advice or work-arounds would be appreciated.

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Compiling with Absoft and mac OSX

#2 Post by thaned » Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:33 pm

I am not using Absoft and mac OSX but this may help. I got similar error (not exact though). The error was /usr/bin/ld: archive: libNLM.a has no table of contents, add one with ranlib(1) (can't load from it)

To work around this problem, you can run command "ranlib -s libNLM.a" and such. Then run "make" again.

Another work around that I used in my machine is as follows:
  1. Add "-s" after ranlib in Compilers/ for example, RANLIB := ranlib -s
  2. Add " $(RANLIB) $@" in the last line of the following files Adjoint/ Nonlinear/ Modules/ Utility/
These files are doing "ar" of libNLM.a, libUTIL.a, and libMODS.a

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