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ROMS bathymetry

#1 Post by ThanosG » Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:59 am

Dear users,

I am a new ROMS user and I am trying to build my area bathymetry netcdf file. I am using the USGS seagrid and I am facing the problem that I will describe.
I am providing the bathymetry file in .mat form, exactly how I want it. Meaning that I have checked it in almost all points, it has the depths in the straights that I want it to have (based in maps), the exact resolution that the model will have and of course it is perfectly aligned with the coastline. The coastline as well as the boundary points, are also provided.
When I calculate depth and mask through seagrid, I get a result with significantly altered depths (in some points with 2,000.00m, even 3,000.00m difference) and the mask is considerably changed in many areas. Sea turned into land and vice versa.
There are two explanations, either I am doing something in the wrong way, or Seagrid simply is designed to alter the initially provided file.
After providing the files, I put the grid resolution in the setup (same as provided), min depth (3m), max depth (inf or the proper max depth) and I put > Calculate Depths and Land.
Is there a way, either to just have the seagrid.mat (and of course through seagrid2mat, the final netcdf file), containing the exact same bathymetry and mask as I provided it? Or from what I describe, do you believe that I am making a mistake somewhere in the process? Anyone else faced the same problem and managed to solve it?

Thank you for your time in advance,

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