Floats not being read

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Floats not being read

#1 Post by rduran » Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:55 pm

I am using latest ROMS (svn 583).

For some reason my floats.in file is not being read properly:

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READ_FltPar - Inconsistent number of floats to process:      0   888
                 change input script.
But I have checked by floats.in and everything looks right, I even checked for tabs that would not allow for the number of floats to be read (i.e. the zero in the message should be 888).

What could it be?

I have attached my floats.in and ocean.in files hoping somebody can help me out.

Thanks in advanced,

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Posts: 139
Joined: Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:22 pm
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Re: Floats not being read

#2 Post by rduran » Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:42 pm

I found a work around that worked following

I commented

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                          !  Report input parameters.
!      IF (Lwrite) THEN
!        DO ng=1,Ngrids
!          IF (Lfloats(ng)) THEN
!            IF (ncount(ng).ne.Nfloats(ng)) THEN
!              WRITE (stdout,60) ncount(ng), Nfloats(ng)
!              exit_flag=4
!              RETURN
!            END IF
!            WRITE (out,70) ng
!            DO i=1,nentry(ng)
!              IF (.not.spherical.and.(Fcoor(i,ng).eq.0)) THEN
!                frmt='(i1,i2,i5,f10.4,2f8.2,f8.2,4f9.3)'
!              ELSE
!                frmt='(i1,i2,i5,f10.4,3f8.2,4f9.3)'
!              END IF
!              WRITE (out,frmt) Fcoor(i,ng), Ftype(i,ng), Fcount(i,ng),  &
!     &                         Ft0(i,ng), Fx0(i,ng), Fy0(i,ng),         &
!     &                         Fz0(i,ng), Fdt(i,ng), Fdx(i,ng),         &
!     &                         Fdy(i,ng), Fdz(i,ng)
!            END DO
!            WRITE (out,80) Nfloats(ng),                                 &
!     &            'Nfloats',                                            &
!     &            'Number of float trajectories to compute.'
!          END IF
!        END DO
!      END IF

in read_fltpar.f90

then ./build.sh -noclean and my simulation is working!!


Found the problem: there is an extra dot in my latitude, no need to comment any lines (one of those embarrassing mistakes). Anyway still might be a helpful post ...

==End edit

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