How to link an external library (CFIO) to ROMS

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How to link an external library (CFIO) to ROMS

#1 Post by roopesh7 »

Hello all,

I'm a beginner on ROMS and currently I'm trying to run the ROMS model on a Cray XC40 machine to improve the I/O performance. We are trying to implement Asynchronous I/O, where there is an overlap of I/O phase with the computing phase.
I'm trying to use an existing library called CFIO(Climate Fast I/O):, to link to ROMS to perform the same.
Any suggestion on how to go about the same? How to link this external library on ROMS to use it?

Thank you,

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Re: How to link an external library (CFIO) to ROMS

#2 Post by kate »

Simply linking to it may not be enough, but adding a library to link to is done in the Compilers file for your system. Just add to the LIBS macro - there are plenty of examples where it gets added to with a "+=".

To get ROMS to call your library is another story unless the library has routines with the same names as the netcdf library routines we usually call. Look at mod_netcdf.F. This contains the calls to the netcdf library, in which the routines have names like nf90_xxx. You can make a copy of mod_netcdf.F which calls your library instead - just make sure only one copy of mod_netcdf.F is visible to the linker.

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