ROMS coupled to CICE

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ROMS coupled to CICE

#1 Post by nilsmk » Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:42 pm


As some of you might already know, a group of scientists here in Norway have been working on a coupling of ROMS and CICE.
The development is not finished yet (will it ever be..?), but due to an increased interest in the subject, we have decided to release the code to the public. We have called the system MetROMS (from MET Norway, the Norwegian Meteorological institute), and the main contributors to the work is MET Norway and Akvaplan NIVA. The code is hosted at GitHub:
MetROMS is based on ROMS 3.6, CICE 5.1.2 and MCT 2.9 (sources included as tar-files), and also include a python framework/script system for running ROMS.

We have successfully run the system on domains covering the Arctic, at resolutions of 20km and 4km.


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Re: ROMS coupled to CICE

#2 Post by kate » Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:11 pm

FYI, the CICE Consortium has met. I learned a few things about it at AGU last week:

* The new pronunciation of CICE is "sice", not "sea ice".
* It will likely show up on github as two repositories, one the vertical column package called "icepack" which will be a git submodule of the other. The proper thing for us to do is to make them both submodules of a coupled model repo (no tarballs!). MCT should also be a submodule, ROMS too.
* Coupling intervals using daily averages works fine. If you want to resolve diurnal cycles, best to get to two hours or under for coupling intervals.
* For parallel codes, make small blocks and use round-robin layout. That way each process can have both tropical small blocks and polar small blocks. Actually, since MetROMS can't have all-land blocks, this might not be such a good idea for us.

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