ice shelf in ROMS

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ice shelf in ROMS

#1 Post by papaya » Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:15 pm


I am struggling with the ICESHELF in my ROMS application.

Here are what I did:

1. Turn on #define ICESHELF in the header file to compile. It works fine.

2. Include zice in the grid file. zice (negative values) is the thickness of iceshelf.
Where there is no iceshelf, I manually set zice=0.

3. The thickness of iceshelf are set to be 5m less than the water depth (bathymetry) when the value of thickness is larger than the water depth.

But the model blows up at the second step, giving u and v 100 m/s at the edge of iceshelf.

Is it because I set zice=0, resulting in large pressure?
If so, then what is the right configuration for the sea not covered by iceshelf?

Or is there a requirement for the coverage of ice shelf and the land mask?

Thanks very much for your reply in advance!


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