Anomalous Land Points in LTRANS

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Anomalous Land Points in LTRANS

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I am new to using LTRANS (or any modeling for that matter) but I came across a problem in my application of LTRANS to the coastal Antarctic Peninsula. After ~80 days of a model run, it became apparent that particles were becoming trapped along a partial line of longitude within my model domain. This is supposed to be water, not a coastline or island. After further investigation, it was obvious that particles were being trapped along this line at all depths as if it were a boundary and plotting of the 'land hits' confirmed that this line of longitude was recognized by LTRANS as land. This same model domain is being used in other modeling efforts and no such error has occurred. Does anyone know what could be causing the misinterpretation by LTRANS?

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Re: Anomalous Land Points in LTRANS

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I am just starting a new LTRANS setup and have encountered the same problem. I haven't dug too far into it yet. Did you identify the cause?

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