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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:39 am 

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I compiled LTRANS and tried to run the analysis of the example file.

This is the screen output I obtain:

******************** Model Info ********************

Run Name: = LTRANS v.2 test case
Executable Directory: = .
Output Directory: = ./output
Run By: = Ian Mitchell
Institution: = UMCES-HPL
Started On: = 15 Feb 2013

Days: = 4.500
Particles: = 608
Particle File: = ./input/Initial_particle_locations.csv

Behavior: = C.virginica oyster larvae
Particle Mortality: = On
Settlement: = On
Habitat File: = ./input/End_polygons.csv
Hole File: = ./input/End_holes.csv

Horizontal Turbulence: = On
Vertical Turbulence: = On
Projection: = Spherical
Ocean Boundary: = Open
Salt & Temp Output: = Off
Track Collisions: = No
Track Model Timing: = Yes

Grid File: = ./input/baymouth_grid_macroms.nc
First Hydro File: = ./input/clipped_macroms_his_0003.nc

Seed: = 9

*************** LTRANS INITIALIZATION **************
read in particle locations 608
Particle n=5 Latitude= 37.276160897749001 Longitude= -76.210856409800996
Particle n=5 Depth= -0.25000000000000000
Particle n=5 X= 158476.14832995023 Y= 253375.62957020898
Particle n=5 Start Polygon= 101001
NetCDF output
Creating NetCDF Output File: ./output/output.nc
read-in grid information
read in S level info
create elements
find adjacent elements
- rho
- u
- v
prepare boundary arrays
output lat/long blanking file
output metric blanking file
initialize behavior
read in habitat polygon locations
Edge i=5 Polygon ID= 101001.00000000000
Edge i=5 Center Lat= 37.128999999999998 Long= -76.239999999999995
Edge i=5 Edge Lat= 37.061000000000000 Long= -76.253000000000000
Hole i=5 Center Lat= 37.127000000000002 Long= -76.027000000000001
Hole i=5 Edge Lat= 37.156999999999996 Long= -76.043999999999997
find polygons in elements
stored info in polyspecs
finding each particle's initial element
Time to initialize model = 0.264 seconds.

****** BEGIN ITERATIONS *******
write output to file, day = 4.16666666666666644E-002

At this point the program is stuck and does not complete the analysis.

I tried to understand which steps the program was passin through so I put a counter at the beginning of the particle loop and at the beginning of the advection one.
So I figured out that before writing the first output file I have 30 particle loops (none of the which call the advection soubroutine). Then I have one particle loop that advects 303 particles and then another one particle loop that advects 126 particles. At this point the program is stuck.

I cannot figure out what the problem could be...

Please help! :)

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