NCEP url to run ROMS in operational mode

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NCEP url to run ROMS in operational mode

#1 Post by anurag123 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:42 pm

Dear All

I am trying to configure ROMS in gulf region with operation mode, for which I have to need NCEP reanalysis2 forcing data. To download it when I had given make_NCEP then I am getting error as:

Error using download_NCEP (line 87)
Wrong NCEP version

Error in make_NCEP (line 104)

I am thinking, download_NCEP.m code is not finding ncep data portal correctly.

I did try with different ncep data url like as
1)ncep_url=' ... analysis2/';
2)ncep_url=' ... nalysis-2/';
3)ncep_url=' ... nalysis-2/';
4)ncep_url=' ... nalysis-2/';
but at each one I am getting same error.

Can any one suggest me how to overcome with this problem? or can any one provide the correct ncep data url which I can used in download_NCEP.m to download these data.
Looking for your valuable comments and suggestions.

Best Regards

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