Questions about WRF and ROMS output in COAWST

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Questions about WRF and ROMS output in COAWST

#1 Post by xhb3256789 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:50 pm

Dear all:
I need the ROMS model to output the surface stress and WRF model to output bottom stress.I found the stress data in the ocean_his file, but i can't get the bottom stress in the wrfout files, I have read the manual and fixed my /Resgistry/Registry.EM_COMMON and add some 'h' in the stress related options, then clean-configuer-compile. but some varibles output sucessfully but some not. Question is that What exactly in the Registry.EM_COMMON need to be changed if i want the bottom stress or it need to change in other files. Besides, why some variables cannot output as i have add the letter 'h' in it.That's all. Thank you for you attention!

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