simulating SCS sea level ,set time_cycle =366 ,right?

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simulating SCS sea level ,set time_cycle =366 ,right?

#1 Post by fLy0516 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:58 pm

Hi. Firstly thank you for your attention on my question.I am a green at the roms. Although i succeed in make files ——,, , and , I am not sure if those files are right. I run my model ,but there are consistently Blowing Up problems.I tell what I have done in detail, hope you can point any mistake i have.

I have used NCEP daily data of 1980 to make forcing file. Because there are no SST and SSS daily data. so I added SODA monthly SST,SSS and dqdsst into the forcing file. I have to use this year to force my model for 10 years ,so I set my the time_cycle = 366 .DATA for , and is coming from SODA 1980.time =12,time_cycle =366.

The model has bowled up for several times. The blowing up day and point is 1. 175 day (266,128,07 ); 2. 165 day (291,050,16);3. 193 day (211,273,16). For the first and second blowing up ,seeing the points in map are near narrow passageways,I closed the passageways and run again. I closed all narrow passageways,however it blowing up again.

I attach the third point in the map of my model, and output report of my model.

Thank you very much for any suggestion.
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