How to set cohesive mud parameters in the file?

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How to set cohesive mud parameters in the file?

#1 Post by CBian » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:16 am

Dear ROMS users,

I used ROMS model to simulate the Yangtze River sediment transport in East China Sea.

I confront a problem these days: All the sediment particles in the model are non-cohesive, and most of the river discharged fine-grained particles (sand_size = 0.004 mm, 0.008mm) suspended in the water rather than deposited in the sea bed. I think I should set the 0.004mm and 0.008 mm from non cohesive sand to cohesive mud which maybe could fix the problem.

However, I am not sure about the cohesive parameters in the file. For example: in non-cohesive case, the Particle settling velocity of 0.004 mm is SAND_WSED= 0.01 mm/s, how about the MUD_WSED? The ROMS model will consider the cohesive effect and calculate the Particle settling velocity by itself or should I calculate the cohesive Particle settling velocity and change MUD_WSED to a bigger value? The same question also happens on MUE_TAU_CE, MUD_ERATE.


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