question about sediment.F

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question about sediment.F

#1 Post by zhaoqian » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:21 am

Hi all:
Where are the following two cpps(marked in red) in sediment.F defined?
I search them if cppdefs.h and globaldefs.h, but can't find them.
Thanks for help!

! Compute sediment bed stratigraphy.
# if defined COHESIVE_BED
!! CALL sed_bed_cohesive (ng, tile)
# else
CALL sed_bed (ng, tile)
# endif

# if defined SED_BIODIFF
! Compute sediment bed biodiffusivity.
!! CALL sed_biodiff (ng, tile)
# endif

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Re: question about sediment.F

#2 Post by ckharris » Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:35 pm


There are versions of the code that include biodiffusion and bed consolidation, but I assume neither of these have been approved for distribution in the main trunk. So, defining these "ifdef options" will not result in any changes to the code.

If you are accessing the CSTMS svn site, there are some versions of the biodiffusion code and the bed consolidation code there. I suppose that you could ask the owners of those branches if it is OK for you to use their code. For example, I have a version of the bed consolidation code up there. I don't at present have a copy of the biodiffusion code.

For a description of the bed consolidation code you can see Rinehimer, J.P., et al. 2008. Estimating cohesive sediment erosion and consolidation in a muddy, tidally-dominated environment: model behavior and sensitivity. Estuarine and Coastal Modeling, Proceedings of the Tenth Conference, November 5-7, Newport RI. M.L. Spaulding, ed. 819-838. (email me if you want a pdf).

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Re: question about sediment.F

#3 Post by rcxy » Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:49 pm

Hi,the MUD_POROS and MUD_TAU_CD are useless in the model ?

Code: Select all

! Critical shear for erosion and deposition (N/m2).

  MUD_TAU_CD == 0.10d0  0.1d0

! Porosity (nondimensional: 0.0-1.0):  Vwater/(Vwater+Vsed).

   MUD_POROS == 0.5d0  0.9d0
I don't find them in the code, except in sedment_*.h.
Thank you!

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