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PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:53 pm 

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When running ROMS not coupled to SWAN, using ANA_WWAVE though for sediment purposed, we can prescribe a wave field in the ana_wwave.h fucntional.
Take, LAKE_SIGNELL case.

Though, when looking at the output fields


the field "bustrw" (bottom stress due to pure waves) is always zero, anywhere.
This is not the case when I run a case where I do run SWAN coupled.
Is this fine?

Of course this reflect in the "bustrcwmax" field computation, that is accounting for the max bottom stress due to both currents and waves. It should be somehow using for its calculus the wave field we stick into the ana_wwave.h.
Is it so, despite the "zero" we see in the "bustrw" output, or is the "bustrcwmax" computation really using as "bustrw" the "zero" value that we see in the output?


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:23 pm 

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Sandro -
I built lake_signell and i see what you are talking about. The way that application is set up, the waves being computed in ana_wwave are Hwave, Dwave, and Pwave_bot. But the bbl routine wanted Ub_swan, Dwave, and Pwave_bot. So it was getting a zero value for Ub_swan and not having any enhanced bottom stress from the waves. There are 2 ways to modify this.
1) create values for Ub_swan in ana_wwave
2) add the cpp option
#define SSW_CALC_UB
For option 2 the bbl will use Hwave and Pwave_bot to compute Ub_swan.

This test case should be modified for the distribution. I would suggest option 2. Thanks for posting this.
In the future i am going to change the name of Ub_swan, since we already have wave models other than swan coupled in.

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