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PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:16 pm 

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Dear ROMS users,

Now I meet a problem regarding restart my sediment model when I activate SED_MOR. In wrt_rst.F

#if defined SEDIMENT && defined SED_MORPH
! Write out time-dependent bathymetry (m)
IF (Hout(idbath,ng)) THEN
status=nf_fwrite2d(ng, iNLM, RST(ng)%ncid, RST(ng)%Vid(idbath), &
& RST(ng)%Rindex, gtype, &
& LBi, UBi, LBj, UBj, scale, &
# ifdef MASKING
& GRID(ng) % rmask, &
# endif
& GRID(ng) % h, &
& SetFillVal = .FALSE.)
IF (status.ne.nf90_noerr) THEN
IF (Master) THEN
WRITE (stdout,10) TRIM(Vname(1,idbath)), RST(ng)%Rindex

It seems like "bath" will not be written in restart file until you activate writing "bath" in history output. When I deactivate writing "bath" in history, "bath" in restart is alway empty, which cannot be used to restart model. If I activate writing "bath" in history, however, ROMS will report an error" WRT_RST - error while writing variable: bath into restart NetCDF file for time record: 4". The error always happens when the model begin to write the fourth frame of restart file. I just guess it is because of the size mismatch between variable defined in restart nc file and variable "bath" in cache. If you check out the restart file you will find variable "bath" has one dimension called "three".

Does someone ever meet this kind of problem before? Please share your experience on that if you have.


Johnny Zang

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