One possible bug with restart

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One possible bug with restart

#1 Post by hbzong » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:53 pm

During running a longterm simulation, I met an error several times. This error occurred in December of model time when restarting the model from the same year. The error says the model couldn't read zeta_time in boundary file. By checking the input, the zeta_time has no problem. If I run the model without restart, the model can pass that point. so, 1) the error repeats; 2)the error only occurs after the restart. No restart, no error.

Here are the details of the error.

NETCDF_GET_TIME_0D - error while reading variable: zeta_time
in input file: ./input/
call from: ROMS/Utility/get_ngfld.F
Found Error: 02 Line: 184 Source: ROMS/Utility/get_ngfld.F

GET_NGFLD - error while reading variable: zeta_time at TIME index = 325
Found Error: 02 Line: 750 Source: ROMS/Nonlinear/get_data.F
Found Error: 02 Line: 201 Source: ROMS/Nonlinear/main3d.F
Found Error: 02 Line: 298 Source: ROMS/Drivers/nl_ocean.h

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