Time input problem: DIAG speed trouble NaN

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Time input problem: DIAG speed trouble NaN

#1 Post by hpd14thu » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:35 am


I have some problems with my boundary condition. When I use Gra and don't input any boundary file, the case runs well. But when I input boundary file and use RadNud, the model blows up from the beginning and show NaN. I checked my boud.nc, but there isn't any NaN in it. I am sure that the problem results from the boundary file, because when I remove it, the model works well.

I think there are something wrong with my time input. My dt of boundary condition is 30min, but my dt of ROMS is very tiny, 10s. So ROMS need not to read boundary conditon in each step. It just to read it for 180 steps (30min / 10s = 180).

But it seems that in my model, it reads boundary conditon in every step, as shown in my result.out below. And the consequence is that the time is consistent and the ROMS blows up with NaN data.

Here is my result.out.

Thank you!
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