cannot write out nest grid salinity with dye on

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cannot write out nest grid salinity with dye on

#1 Post by rock » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:15 pm

If using dye with nesting grids, some of the active tracers may not be written out properly, even with the corresponding switches turn on.
The bug comes from miss using Ltracer under case(‘Hout(idTvar)’) in read_phypar.F. If turn on dye, the size of Ltracer is larger than NAT*Ngrids. However, when calling load_l, the codes in function load_l assumes Ltracer has a size of NAT*Ngrids.
My currently solution is Npts=load_l(Nval,Cval,NAT*Ngrids,Hout(idTvar(1):idTvar(NAT),:)).
Similar solution may apply to Aout.
My version is not up to date, but I think it is still there.


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