Bug in ROMS/Nonlinear/step3d_t.F when using Q_PSOURCE

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Bug in ROMS/Nonlinear/step3d_t.F when using Q_PSOURCE

#1 Post by lanerolle » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:56 pm

I found a bug in step3d_t.F when using the Q_PSOURCE CPP option. If you go to code block with line numbers 902-919, a logical switch is missing. We need to insert:

! Apply mass point sources - Volume influx.
IF (LtracerSrc(itrc,ng)) THEN

Otherwise, if we do a simulation with point sources which only have passive tracer discharges and no T, S discharges, ROMS blows-up because Tsrc(:,:,itemp)=0, Tsrc(:,:,isalt)=0 (as we put river_temp, river_salt to be zero in the river forcing NetCDF file because we do not have any realistic values for them).

In the ocean.in file, we will have:

GAMMA2 == 1.0d0

! Logical switches (TRUE/FALSE) to specify which variables to consider on
! tracers point Sources/Sinks (like river runoff): [1:NAT+NPT,Ngrids].
! See glossary below for details.

LtracerSrc == F F T ! temperature, salinity, inert

The blow-up occurs due to the nonlinear Equation of State having T, S with zero values.

This will not happen if we use UV_PSOURCE instead of Q_PSOURCE because it checks for the logical value of LtracerSrc(.) in step3d_t.F (lines 631-684).

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