Minor bugs for Passive Tracers solution

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Minor bugs for Passive Tracers solution

#1 Post by colucix » Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:13 am

Hi all,

I'd like to report two minor bugs in latest revision (452), related to the passive tracer solution (flags T_PASSIVE and ANA_PSOURCE being affected):

1) in Utility/inp_par.F: line 1660:

When reading LtracerSrc from the input parameters, it assigns the value to LtracerSrc internal variable for Passive Tracers, here:

Code: Select all

  1657              DO ng=1,Ngrids
  1658                DO itrc=1,NPT
  1659                  i=inert(itrc)
  1660                  LtracerSrc(i,ng)=Ltracer(itrc,ng)
  1661                END DO
  1662              END DO
since values for Active Tracers are assigned previously, the index for Ltracer in the right-hand side of the assignment should start from 3, not 1 (otherwise the logical values for temp and salt are applied again to the first two passive tracers). I'd change the line, as:

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  1660                  LtracerSrc(i,ng)=Ltracer(i,ng)
2) in Functionals/ana_psource.h: line 270:

Just a typo here, in the OMP directive (BARRIER with 3 R)

Code: Select all

   270  !$OMP BARRRIER
Thank you,

Edit: Sorry for having posted this, here. Later I realized I could open a trac ticket in the SVN repository site.

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