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ROMS Presentaions

#1 Post by jivica »

Dear users,
I have to talk to the "non physical oceanographers" in our ministry of env. protection (decision makers and possible funding source) and make intro to the ROMS.
Idea is ti show them quality of the model, capabilities in as many aspects as possible, from bio, sediment, chem to the pure physical, what ever we have, hoping that they will find it useful and desperately needed, and seeing that life without is

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. This is for opening the door, later we 'll make details.
So if any of you have some ROMS ppt at basic level (with nice figs :) )I would appreciate!
thanks in advance!

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Re: ROMS Presentaions

#2 Post by arango »

Well, we don't have a ROMS advertisement PPT. However, all the PPT from all the ROMS workshops are available in the website. Check the following :arrow: workshops link and then go to the agenda section. You will see a PPT link for each presentation. There are a lot of different applications. You can pick and choose.

I also have some of my presentations in my :arrow: webpage. Some of these presentations are very technical but you can find some nice figures and animations.

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