Problem reading input files

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Problem reading input files

#1 Post by pmaccc » Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:51 pm

I have an idealized simulation in which I am adding a complex river source condition. The goal is to make a boundary source/sink pattern that is like the mouth of an estuary with the usual tidally averaged two layer exchange flow. I am using preprocessing tools and a recent version or ROMS that I have successful run in many different cases. The problem is that this one hangs during initialization, right after reading the and files, and the values from these files reported in the log file are consistent with what I put in them. At that point I expect that it will read the file, which is there and created from the _ini file using well tested code. Instead it does nothing - no crash, no error message, no more log file entries. Any suggestions for how I might approach debugging this would be much appreciated.



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Re: Problem reading input files

#2 Post by wilkin » Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:44 pm

ROMS usually reads meteorology surface forcing after rivers and before boundaries. Is this skipped in your case because of the idealized config?

Can you force ROMS to confirm it has opened the boundary file, say by giving in the wrong name in to trigger a 'file not found'. That was you know for sure it closed out the rivers file.

Do you have A LOT of point sources in the rivers file? Maybe you're hitting some limit.

Sometimes, compiling and running in serial gives more informative error messages when file I/O at start up is the issue.
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