Problem when preparation file "romstools_param.m"

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Problem when preparation file "romstools_param.m"

#1 Post by majidfiruzimehr » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:21 pm

When I prepare romstools_param.m file, for pre processing through Matblab, I faced with below Error. Pls advise how can I remove and follow up further proceed.
Problem description (in romstools_param.m file):
at section 1 (Configuration parameters used by make_grid.m)
After choosing coordinates (lonmin, lonmax, latmin, larmax) and dl=1/30 (as resolution), N=30, theta_s=6, theta_b=0, hc=10, vtransform=1, then I put hmin=30, hmax_coast=10, and hmax=4500, But I faced with Error running by Matlab as
"Error using create_climfile (line 79)
hc (10 m) > hmin (5 m)"
I tried some times, by changing value of hc, hmin, hmax according to Error statement, however the problem still exists.
Pls advise me what is the problem and how can I solve it.

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