A problem of riverplume test case

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A problem of riverplume test case

#1 Post by xiaom6515 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:39 am

Dear all,
I want to add the sediment in riverplume.So I modified the test case which is called riverplume1.
At first I modified the ana_psource.h file just like this

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# ifdef SEDIMENT
         DO k=1,N(ng)
           DO is=1,Nsrc(ng)
            DO ised=1,NST
	    END DO
           END DO
# endif
But when I run this case,I found there exist a error that the highest sediment concentration is

not 5,even, is less than half of 5.
After I try to modify some of the parameters,I found that if I modified the salinity, the highest
sediment concentration would change too.
I modified the ana_psource.h file just like this(SOURCES(ng)%Tsrc


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!  Set-up tracer (tracer units) point Sources/Sinks.
# if defined RIVERPLUME1
        IF (DOMAIN(ng)%NorthEast_Test(tile)) THEN
          DO k=1,N(ng)
            DO is=1,Nsrc(ng)
              SOURCES(ng)%Tsrc(is,k,itemp)=T0(ng)    ! T0 is in ocean.in
            END DO
          END DO
        END IF
The highest sediment concentration would be 4,but it was not 5.
But I don't known what the problem is,could anyone tell me how could this be?
Thanks in advance.
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