missing variables in ocean_avg.nc and adaptive time stepping

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missing variables in ocean_avg.nc and adaptive time stepping

#1 Post by Serega.Osipov » Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:12 pm

Dear Community,

I can't get evaporation and precipitation rates in the averages output. But I do have sw fluxes and no lw fluxes (because BULK_FLUXES are undefined due to coupled run).
I've enabled all 4 of them in the ocean.in file:
Aout(idLrad) == T ! lwrad longwave radiation flux
Aout(idSrad) == T ! swrad shortwave radiation flux
Aout(idevap) == T ! evaporation evaporation rate
Aout(idrain) == T ! rain precipitation rate

I did define in the ocean.h following variables:
# define EMINUSP
# define AVERAGES

According to set_avg.F that should be sufficient. AVERAGES_FLUXES variable seems to be deprecated and nowhere to be found in the source code. I would appreciate your advise.

Second question is related to the COAWST (ROMS+WRF). Looks like coupled runs do not support WRF adaptive time stepping. Even though model doesn't crash but I guess (from the logic in the read_model_inputs.F and mct_coupler.h ) that the exchange between ocean and atmosphere happens at different models time. Is it correct?

Best regards,

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